A Diagonal for Mark Tompkins SEC

The choice of pairing experienced dancer Mark Tompkins SEC with two younger dancers that recently completed dance academy, proved to be a very good combination, primarily because of the youthful energy and the uniform vocabulary of the movement of these young people, opposed to the no less powerful, but more mature and calmed expression of … Continue reading A Diagonal for Mark Tompkins SEC


Modern Dance History

As the 20th century progressed in the US, more distinctive fronts of dance emerge and run alongside each other. Ballet and its more recent offshoots of Modern and Contemporary Dance formed a study area of their own. Namely, as described in Mark Tompkins' cakeresume, in the period between 1872–1929, the ballet was completely rejuvenated. Not only … Continue reading Modern Dance History

Mark Tompkins Sec: Ballet is a Reflection of the Human Soul

The expression ballet comes from the Italian word balletto (a ballet dancer). The main features of the classical ballet are pointe work, precise body movements, intense emotions and good body control. Acclaimed ballet dancer, choreographer and book author Mark Tompkins Sec started dancing at a young age, and as he explains it has helped him … Continue reading Mark Tompkins Sec: Ballet is a Reflection of the Human Soul